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For Fun & Profit:  Cars for Guys

I am a car stuff guy, and on this site you will see cars for guys (& gals).  What can I say?  Millions of guys and gals love and value their cars, and I am one of them.  Everyone’s taste can vary from the very old classics of days gone by to the new, shiny  models.  And I am no exception.  Matter of fact, I get the love of vehicles honestly since my dad was a mechanic and traded for vehicles a lot.

Good Things About Cars

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He could make money wheeling and dealing which is one of the good things about cars.  He would paint and fix them up either to keep and drive or sell.  Although he never claimed to be a professional car painter, he could make them look pretty good.  One example, was a maroon 1946 Mercury coupe.  He painted it with lacquer paint.  That car turned out looking good.  He said,”The more I washed it, the better it looked!”

The photo to the right is similar to the maroon 1946 Mercury coupe my dad owned.



One of his favorites was a 1956 Ford Fairlane, and he owned several of them.  One  in particular was a two-tone green: light green and dark green. This Town Sedan was originally mint green before he wrecked it.   After he repaired it, he painted it two-tone green.  That’s just the way he operated.  This car also had the optional Thunderbird 312 V8 engine in it, so it would really go!  The picture below to the left is very similar to the 1956 Ford Fairlane my dad owned before he painted it.

A Family of Guy Cars Lovers

My Dad’s two brothers can be added to the line of family guy cars owners.  My Uncle Kim, one of my dad’s brothers loved cars, not too surprising,  he and my Dad would race together.  Uncle Kim was an Oldsmobile guy while their other brother, Uncle Bill liked cars too, namely the  Buick brand.  They also liked car stuff for guys that many still enjoy today.

My dad and uncles are gone now but I am carrying on the tradition of being a car lover and have been for over 50 years.  I have owned so many vehicles in my lifetime.  There have been so many that I would have to stop and think in order to name them all.   I certainly could, although.  I also have many friends that share the love of cars, too.  Matter of fact, some have interesting and expensive collections.  Many of these car stuff guys don’t say much about their collections to just anyone, either.  However, I may be able to share some pictures or videos of these collections with you in the future.  Meanwhile, I have a few old cars of my own.

While some are in the process of being restored, one I am quite proud of that’s street ready is  a 1990 Mustang GT Convertible (actually it’s my wife’s) but I drive it too, and she doesn’t mind.  It is the electric blue, two-tone with silver color combination.  The top is dark blue with around 78,000 original miles.  We mostly keep it parked in the dry.

One in the process of being restored is a 1991 Mustang GT convertible that is the same color combination as the ’90 Mustang except it has a black top.  When it is restored, we will have ‘His & Her’ Mustangs.

If your hobby is looking at old cars and want things to do online for free, then this site is a place to visit over and over.

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P.S.  I hope you will enjoy the site and come back often as updates are planned that will be of value and interest on cars for guys (& gals) and other  car stuff.



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